IRS Liens/Levies.

Whether IRS collection action is just beginning, or if the IRS has already issued a lien or levy against you, your wages or your other property, we can help. Often, we can arrange for the voluntary termination of a wage or bank levy by the IRS. At other times, we are able to use our knowledge and experience to terminate IRS collection action through other legal avenues.

The Internal Revenue Service has made compliance the central theme today. IRS examination and collection budgets have risen dramatically, and the IRS has made the collection of delinquent and unreported taxes a high priority. The Service has increased the number of Revenue Officers and other personnel dedicated to collecting delinquent taxes, and has developed new technology and software intended to make more efficient the pursuit of delinquent taxpayers and non-filers.

The IRS enforced collection process begins when the voluntary collection process fails. If a taxpayer fails to timely pay a tax obligation, the delinquent tax obligation is assessed by the IRS by entering the liability on the appropriate IRS master file. A notice and demand for payment is then sent to the taxpayer. After IRS demand for full payment is made, the taxpayer can either voluntarily comply by making payment, or seek alternative payment arrangements, including, but not limited to, a partial or full pay Installment Agreement, an Offer-in-Compromise, or classification of the account as currently not collectible.

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