Tax preparation

There are several options when it comes to tax preparation. 

Option #1. Doing it yourself. There are different software programs available, and some of them are free. If your tax return is simple, you may be able to use this option, but we’d like to alert you – many times when we meet taxpayers with tax problems, we find that it all started from doing their own taxes. 

Option #2. Visiting a franchise tax preparation company (H&R Block, Liberty Tax, etc.). When you work with one of these companies, you might be thinking that you are working with a licensed IRS professional but most often you are not. These companies hire seasonal workers and train them right before tax season, which means that the person you are relying on for financial/tax advice had a totally unrelated job a couple of months prior to meeting you. These seasonal workers might know more than the average taxpayer but they are not considered experts. 

Option #3. Hiring a CPA or an enrolled agent. These specialists are full-time year-round tax experts. They are held to high professional standards and are required to complete educational classes year-round to be updated with always changing complex tax laws. Our specialists have been working in the tax field for more than 12 years. There isn’t much they haven’t seen, and can’t handle. 

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